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Bluetooth/CAN interface supported

Zuragon (UK) has announced that ViCANdo now supports Star Cooperation’s FlexCard Air-S. FlexCard Air-S is a Bluetooth-based interface for CAN and LIN suitable for Windows, Android, and Linux applications.

The test environment ViCANdo has its focus on ADAS systems (Photo: Zuragon)

FlexCard Air-S is a bus interface for wireless transport of CAN-HS and LIN messages via Bluetooth. With its cable free concept the device can be plugged into a bus system at any chosen point in the topology, enabling the user to place the receiving station (e.g. mobile device) at the best suitable place inside a car or move it freely in the laboratory and test bay. Software for visualization of bus signals (Flex Config Analyzer) is optionally available. Additionally, customer specific software solutions for data visualization using other OS can be implemented.

The bus interface has two CAN-HS and one LIN interface: The device has  a range of up to 100 m. An ARM-7 circuit board provides the interfaces for CAN and LIN, as well as USB 2.0 for connection to a PC. It is suitable for vehicle development in test an qualification phases, either in the laboratory for the wireless monitoring of bus data, or at the test bay to move freely between different setups.

The Air-S bus interface has an operating temperature range between -20 °C and +70 °C (Photo: Star Cooperation)

The text environment ViCANdo monitors and measures external signals such as CAN and LIN. It can monitor up to eight CAN channels, as well as record and monitor video and communication sessions. It analyzes data and video recordings, and geographical impacts using Google maps while supervising the real signaling in the vehicle. ViCANdo has its main focus on the development of ADAS systems.

Zuragons CTO Benny Sjöstrand said in a comment, “With our growing installed base for ViCANdo and ViCANdroid, it really is a pleasure being able to deliver a solution that is easy to use, powerful and still cost-efficient. This will also make installation for ViCANdroid a lot easier as the power supply of ViCANdroid doesn’t have to be shared with the interface anymore.”

Christian Huschle, Sales Manager at Star Cooperation, commented, “It is great to see that our strong portfolio of electronics solutions is so popular in the high-tech application field. We expect great things of this product launch and hope to receive good feedback from the established ViCANdo/ViCANdroid installed user base. Customers can be sure to have a tool set of high performance and quality, open for future technologies and further use cases.”


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