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Support for Peak CAN hardware

Zuragon (UK) has announced support for Peak CAN hardware for ViCANdo. ViCANdo is a rapid-development environment for bus-based systems. It offers support for a variety of busses and technologies in addition to CAN.

The simulation environment can monitor up to eight CAN channels (Photo: Zuragon)

THE COMPANY'S INTENTION IS TO BETTER SERVE Peak customers. Currently CAN FD, LIN, Flexray, Most, and various implementations of Automotive Ethernet are supported. ViCANdo has its main footprint in the development of ADAS systems, as it offers – in addition to bus simulation and analysis – a high precision connection to streaming video and radar/lidar combined with integrations to suitable components for algorithm development.

ViCANdo also integrates to measure other physical data like temperature, voltage, current, and so forth. The software supports the various steps in the development process with coverage of the user scenarios. It also allows connection of biosensors, such as pupil control, face and heart rate monitoring, to be able to follow the behavior and condition of the driver.

Zuragon’s CTO Benny Sjöstrand said in a comment, “Working with the Peak hardware during the integration has been a true pleasure and we can well understand why Peak are so popular around the world. The structure of their portfolio is modern, and all the way thought through. As we also promote an openness in our product portfolio, we also highly appreciate the openness and Linux support of the Peak product portfolio.”

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