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Weighing transmitter

DIN-rail mountable CANopen devices

Baykon (Turkey) manufactures the TX2 transmitter family coming with different communication interfaces including CANopen. The product features several weighing functions.

The TX2 CO transmitters connectable to CANopen supports automatic bit-rate detection (Photo: Baykon)

The CANopen device is suitable for static or dynamic weighing and force measuring. It features weighing functions such as zeroing, tarring, power-on zero, net indication at power on, motion detection, etc. The company’s xFace Windows-based software enables configurable vibration suppression digital filter settings and calibration with test weight or electronic calibration without test weights (eCal). Via the CANopen interface the transmitter can communicate to a host controller, e.g. PLC or PC.

The load cells implement a 24-bit delta-sigma ratiometric A/D conversion and 10-step adjustable digital adaptive filter. The conversion rate is up to 800 measurements per second. The device is powered by 10 VDC to 28 VDC. The temperature range is -15 °C to +55 °C and the DIN-rail mountable enclosure is IP20-rated.


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