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Draw-wire sensor

IP69K-rated device complies with CiA 406

Waycon has developed the MH60 draw-wire sensor. It features CANopen connectivity.

The 4-m draw-wire sensor is nominated for the Industriepreis 2018 design award (Photo: Waycon)

The draw-wire sensor is intended for mobile hydraulic applications. It was developed, to ensure a reliable measuring process in such harsh environments. The product can be cleaned using a high-pressure jet without suffering any damage. To achieve maximum performance, the customer can choose the type of housing for the sensor depending on the environmental conditions. The provided CANopen interface complies with the CiA 406 encoder profile. It is available at the M12 connector. The rope extraction speed is maximal 3 m/s. The maximum measurement range is 4 m. The MH120 draw-wire sensor supports a measurement range from 3 m to 10 m.

Several options allow for a variety of variations: An offline setting of the most important parameters is possible with the help of the supplier’s squeezer as well as the programming of the analog measuring range. Furthermore, a signal failure is counteracted by a redundant output signal. The customer has the option of adapting the sensor to his or her application using different rope fixations and rope diameters. The MH60 can be equipped with an additional base plate, to provide the required stability. The maximum temperature range is -40 °C to +85 °C.

The company also offers the IP67-rated SX series of draw-wire sensors featuring also CANopen connectivity. The maximum measurement range is 42,5 m. The Linearity is ±0,02 %.


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