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M12 system cables

Online configurator for cables

Provertha has launched an online configurator for M12 system cables and customer-specific cable assemblies. This supports customers to select a suitable cable. The configurator is available on the company’s homepage.

The company offers an UL-certified cable assembly and ISO 9001 certified connector development and production. (Source: Provertha)

The company also plans to extend the configurator to include the D-Sub and High-Density D-Sub product ranges, as well as M8 and network connectors, to better assist customers in selecting the right cabling and connector solution. The shielded version of the M12 connection system has established itself for a range of demanding applications involving CAN, Ethernet as well as Profibus – the M12 cable types are correspondingly diverse. For data transfer, the company offers vibration and functionally M12 system cables with 100 % certification for industrial networks with all-round 360 degree shielding, they explained.

Tailored to the respective application, the configurator provides a way to find an individually-configured M12 cable. These can be conveniently configured and requested from the company (CAN A-code etc.). Standard versions are available at short notice.

Besides selecting the desired application, for each configuration, users are requested to enter the version (configured, overmoulded), the connector type (plug and socket, plug and plug, socket and socket) and the cable length.

Online request for customer-specific cables

With a portfolio of production equipment and crimping tools, the company also produces customized cable assemblies. The configurator enables customers to request their specific cable assembly online with the corresponding drawing and specification by uploading it to Provertha in the desired quantity.


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