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Slip ring

Designed for wind turbine application

In USA, Heidenhain distributes exclusively the SXC168 slip ring by LTN Servotechnik (Germany).

The slip ring is suitable for wind turbines in the multi-MW class with CAN-based electric pitch systems (Photo: LTN/Heidenhain)

Within the wind turbine industry, double-fed asynchronous generators are dominating. In order to address the electromechanical connection needs of these turbines, LTN offers the SC168 slip ring to connect rotating CAN devices to the bus-lines. To increase the lifetime of the generator rotor slip rings, and thus reduce the operating costs for the owner, LTN developed this generator slip ring featuring a universal-hole pattern. Among other things, it incorporates a multi-phase rotor, which is connected using terminal bolts. The slip ring is made from high-grade insulation and contact materials. The design reduces abrasion at the brushes, allowing long creepage distances and preventing voltage flashovers. Auxiliary components such as heaters, encoder, or fiber optical rotary joints can be seamlessly integrated, as well.

LTN’s product line is composed of slip rings and resolvers. In USA, these products are available from Heidenhain, company also headquartered in Germany. The North American subsidiary located in Schaumburg (IL) and San Jose (CA) serves the customers since more than 50 years.


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