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Automotive Testing Expo 2016

Cooperation around technology integration

For its ViCANdo test environment, Zuragon announced the support of Vigem ́s line of hardware. The intention of the cooperation is to enable a seamless integration of the Zuragon and Vigem tool chains.

(Photo: Zuragon)

ViCANdo being a rapid-development environment for bus-based systems offers support for a variety of busses and technologies apart from CAN. Currently CAN FD, LIN, Flexray, MOST and also various implementations of Automotive Ethernet is supported. ViCANdo has its main footprint in the development of ADAS systems as it offers, in addition to bus simulation and analysis, a connection to streaming video and radar/lidar combined with integrations to suitable components for algorithm development and sensor fusion.

Zuragons CTO Benny Sjöstrand says in a comment, “We will launch the Vigem support in steps, starting with an integration to the existing VPCAP log file formats and work our way through to a full API integration enabling sources from the Vigem line of products to be sources in ViCANdo. This allows us to create new type of complex triggers and programmability enabling us to develop i.e. rest bus simulation on the PC based ViCANdo, that later on can be executed with high performance real time execution in the Vigem line of products. The performance and flexibility of the Vigem hardware is absolutely stunning and we are very proud to be a partner of Vigem”.

“We believe that we have found a perfect fit software partner in Zuragon, as they offer a very open approach and are multi operating system able. That fits very well to our Linux based approach, where we believe in openness and flexibility, says Vigem ́s Peter Blume in a comment. As we progress in this cooperation we will probably see a growth in new features that will be appreciated both by existing as well as new customers.

Zuragon showed the integration at the Automotive Testing Expo 2016 in Stuttgart, Germany from 31 May to 2 June at Vigem´s booth.


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