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Gateway add-on device

Providing a 2nd CAN port and I/O lines

Falcom (Germany) has introduced the Iobox-CAN, which can be connected via USB to the Fox3-2G/3G/4G gateway.

The shown modules feature eight I/O ports and one CAN interface (Photo: Falcom)

The Fox3-2G/3G/4G gateway connected to the CAN-based in-vehicle networks or the OBDII interface reads the CAN data and send it to a remote TCP server. In order to support a second independent CAN interface, the Iobox-CAN has been developed. It provides also four analog ports, which can be configured also as digital ports. There are four additional I/O ports with open collector digital outputs. They can be configured individually as relay, indicator, or on/off port. The device also a D8 interface (VDO and Stoneridge).

Typical application combining a gateway and the Iobox-CAN (Photo: Falcom)

The CAN interface is able to run 1 Mbit/s. The add-on device supports the FMS (fleet management system) specification and OBDII communication. It is linked via USB to the Fox3-2G/3G/4G gateway. These products are suitable for on/ off-road vehicles including construction and agriculture machinery.


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