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Servo drive

Dual-axis device with STO

Heason (UK), a motion control system designer, distributes the AKD2G dual-axis drive and the AKM2G servomotor by Kollmorgen.

The functional safe servo drive by Kollmorgen comes with CANopen connectivity (Source: Heason)

The servo drive provides up to 30 percent more torque performance when used with the released AKM2G servomotor. This motion system integrates STO (safe torque-off) functionality and high update rates. The drive’s modular design includes expandable I/O and expandable memory, and multiple choice servo feedback. Time and cost saving benefits include straightforward installation with reduced cabinet footprint through smaller drive/motor selection with the AKM2G - and removal of unnecessary components such as fuses and filters. The CANopen interface complies with CiA 301 and CiA 402 specifications.

The servo drive is available in dual-channel 3-A and 6-A continuous rating versions with a three-fold peak current overload. With its integrated direct-on-line power supply, in a choice of 120/240 VAC or 240/480 VAC, typical motor shaft power is up to 4 kW plus 4 kW. Single axis versions are also available for up to 12 A continuous current (30-A peak current), offering shaft power to 8 kW. The drive is equipped with an 800-MHz ARM processor, offering current, velocity, and position loop update-rates of 1,28 µs, 62,5 µs, and 250 µs respectively.

The base version of the servo drive is supplied with Kollmorgen’s Smart Feedback or Hiperface DSL with a single-cable connection for motor power and servo loop feedback. SIL-2 dual channel STO is standard and scalable safety options to SIL Safe Motion including brake and feedback are available. With 16 analog/digital I/O’s, removable SD memory card, graphical display (160 x 128 pixels), and the CANopen interface, the drive system is suitable for many motion control applications.

Heason Technology located in Great Britain is a long-time associate of Kollmorgen. With its own in-house design and system integration capability, and through similar distribution partnerships with other leading motion equipment suppliers, the company’s capabilities extend from motion device supply to automated motion assemblies that include bespoke mechanics and motion controls as sub-systems or standalone systems.


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