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Voltage regulator

CAN interface complies with J1939

Deep Sea Electronics has developed the DSEA108 digital automatic voltage regulator. The onboard J1939 port allows integration with third-party devices.

To program the DSEA108, a DSE815 configuration interface for the PC is required (Photo: Deep Sea Electronics)

The product regulates the output voltage of an AC alternator and is supplied by a stator auxiliary winding or a shunt system taking power from the output windings. It features higher levels of stability compared to analog designs by maintaining a smooth, stable, and regulated AC output voltage that is unaffected by the connected electrical load.

The power supply ranges from 100 VAC to 300 VAC. The alternator output sensing is specified for 15 VAC to 600 VAC. Additional features include, four on-board DIP switches providing six configurations and two stability ranges. Soft start ramping is implemented and loss of voltage sensing protection is provided. Over-excitation protection, LED fault indication, and potentiometer adjustment for voltage set points are further features.


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