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Wireless charger

The API supports CAN connectivity

NXP has launched a 15-W wireless charging solution compatible with WPC Qi and PMA specifications. The product is designed for automotive applications.

The WCT-15WTXAuto charger qualified according to AEC Q100 grade 2 and features an extended temperature range (Photo: NXP)

The charging solution uses a multi-coil technology enabling a wide-spatial freedom. The API (application programming interface) allows a seamless integration of NFC (Near Field Communication) chipsets to detect and protect contactless smart cards and CAN support for in-vehicle network communication. The product is customizable for charging, communication as well as control.

The WCT-15WTXAuto builds on the success of NXP's 5-W automotive charging solution that is already deployed in many car models rolling out this year. "Wireless charging is now pervading the mobile devices market, and is expanding well beyond traditional consumer charging mats to include in-vehicle charging," said Denis Cabrol, from NXP. "The automotive environment brings specific challenges to this application and NXP's solution offers a versatile platform for designers to address these challenges."

The charger solution comes with WPC (Wireless Power Consortium) Qi and PMA dual-mode support and includes a production-ready hardware design. The proven firmware core manages the power transfer aspects as well as free positioning and delivers robust foreign object detection capabilities. The solution is tailored to operate within stringent in-vehicle operating conditions, designed to avoid potential interference with other vehicle systems such as key FOB for keyless entry, ignition, and AM band radios. The product is based on the MWCT101xA controller.


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