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Interlift 2017

Inverter for CANopen Lift

Yaskawa (Japan) presented at the Interlift 2017 its L1000A special-purpose inverter dedicated for elevator systems. It is specified for three million starts at 165-percent output current.

The L1000A car drive unit complies with CiA 417 (Photo: Yaskawa)

CANopen Lift car drive units from Yaskawa participated several times in CANopen Lift plugfests. The L1000A inverter and the provided synchronous motors are able to drive cars with up to 2500 kg at 2 m/s. This bundle is designed for energy saving.

The car drive unit has been integrated successfully with different CANopen Lift controllers. Besides CiA 417, it also supports the CiA 402 drive profile. It is certified according to EN 81-1/2 and EN 81-20 featuring SIL-3 safety functionality. The unit provides control functions to run induction and PM motor applications in geared or gearless elevator systems. The sensor-less torque compensation function supports anti-rollback, prevents shocks, and starts smoothly. The torque ripple suppression function enables jerk-free start and stop.


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