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Interlift 2017

CANopen Lift door unit

Meiller (Germany) presented at the Interlift 2017 its CANopen Lift door unit. It supports two energy-saving modes.

At the Interlift in Augsburg (Germany), details on the Midrive door unit were announced (Photo: Meiller)

The Midrive (Meiller intelligent Drive) door unit complies with the CiA 417 CANopen application profile for elevators. It comprises the CANopen Lift interface and the controllers for the CAN-connected motors. They communicate via a second CAN interface. There are several motor options available (200 kg, 400 kg, 800 kg).

The door unit can be connected via CANopen Lift to the door controller and other CANopen Lift devices including further door units. Optionally, the doors can be opened manually, for example, in case of an emergency. There are two power-saving modes implemented, Eco and Eco-Plus. The smartphone apps for door commissioning are available. This involves the use of pre-defined QR codes to configure the door unit on site. In addition, special QR codes allow service technicians to respond in the event of problems. The apps support also software downloads and updates.

The IP54-rated door unit comprises the transformer for the motor configurations. IP67-rated housing are available on request. The unit can control two motors per door. The supplier’s Finger-Guard safety system is pre-installed.


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