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Servo amplifier

More safety features and CANopen

Kollmorgen has announced its AKD2G servo drive to make its debut in 2017. It features processors which increase the computational power and therefore support faster control performance.

(Photo: Kollmorgen)

From a safety perspective, AKD2G servo amplifiers will offer safety functions in the form of safe brake control (SBC) and safe brake test (SBT), which offers an efficient way of making vertical axes safe without the need for protective fences. The servo amplifier communicates via CANopen, Ethercat, or Ethernet/IP.

More safety features in drives can benefit the mechanical and plant engineering sector. When safety technology kicks in faster and there are more functions available, man and machine together can work even more closely. The AKD2G servo amplifier made its trade fair debut in Nuremberg at the SPS IPC Drives 2016.


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