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Motion controller

Control unit for simple applications

Zub has launched a low-cost control device: the Mini Macs. This motion controller can control several amplifiers via CAN. It is suitable for combination with Zub DSA amplifiers or with Danfoss/Vacon frequency converters.

The Mini Macs controller is available in an aluminum rail housing or sheet housing for rear panel mounting (Photo: Zub)

The device was developed for simple applications and is a suitable choice for one- to three-axis solutions. The data is exchanged with the PLC or PC via the CAN or USB interface.

In terms of precision and functionality, the controller is the equal of the MACS5 model series. Under the heading of „full performance at a substantially lower price“, the Swiss company presented its latest development at the SPS IPC Drives trade fair. The motion controller can control several amplifiers via CAN. Each controls and regulates the high dynamic positioning and synchronization of servo and asynchrony motor axis. A single module can be used for the autarkic control of small devices.

In systems and mechanical engineering, multiple modules can be linked via CAN, Ethernet, and USB to a PLC or PC network. Then the Mini Macs serve as a CANopen master of a sub-network and command servo amplifiers, frequency converters, and I/O modules. The controller is freely programmable and the functionality can be adapted to the machine or device requirements or enable users to enhance the CiA 402 features.


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