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Multi-axes control unit

Glass scales and other applications

The MACS4-DC3 from Zub (Switzerland) is a multi-axes control unit with integrated servo-amplifiers for positioning with incremental encoders and glass scales. It features CANopen.

The operating temperature of the unit is 0 °C to +40 °C (Photo: Zub)

THE PRODUCT IS A SOLUTION FOR ALL KIND OF DEVICES requiring positioning linked to incremental or glass scale feedback signals. It offers the interface for the direct connection of Heidenhain glass scales without signal converters and adapters. Absolute positioning in the range of µm without homing in advance becomes possible. The incremental encoders mounted on the motor shaft deliver a stable position regulation without the influence of gearbox backlash. The target position is adjusted by the glass scale information.

Jerk limited curve profiles provide movement for sophisticated positioning tasks. The unit provides CAN and USB interfaces for data exchange with PLC and PC hosts. CiA 402 is used to integrate the device as a CANopen or Ethercat slave into a PLC system or it can be programmed freely and run stand-alone as a motor control unit. It features evaluation of encoders mounted on the motor shaft and moved load. Application areas of the product are: positioning of measuring equipment, multi-axis position control of small robots as well as motion control of handling devices.

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