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Motion control unit

With six axis and integrated amplifiers

The 6-axis Macs4-DC6 control unit by Zub (Switzerland) is designed for positioning tasks of DC drives of 1 W to 100 W. It can be used as a CiA 402 multi-axis-slave in a PLC system or it can be programmed and run stand-alone as a motor control unit.

The unit comes in a 80 mm x 185 mm x 165 mmmetal housing (Photo: Zub)

TYPICAL APPLICATIONS ARE FOUND IN MACHINES and factory equipment of the paper, printing, wood-working and analytic industry. The unit controls the accurate and fast adjustment of mechanical stops as well as the multi-axis positioning of small robots in material or probe handling. It integrates a programmable logic and position control unit with six encoder inputs and six DC servo amplifiers. The state-of-the-art integrated development environment is free of charge. According to the company, there are no add-on libraries necessary to gain full motion-control functionality Interfaces like CAN, Ethercat and USB are the communication links to exchange data with PLCs and PCs. The unit is suitable for integration as a fully features CiA 402 CANopen slave unit in a PLC environment. The company says, a ready-to-run CiA 402 multi-axis control application code is available for plug- and-play solutions without any programming. Also it supports CANopen I/ modules.

The product is for positioning of up to six small DC motors. Both, stand-alone control mode and slave mode are possible. Motion control functionality can be included in almost any system or PLC just by adding these modules. The product offers motion control functionality plus encoder interfaces and power stages for six motors of up to 180 W peak each. The unit’s operating temperature range is 0 °C to +40 °C and comes with a supply voltage of 24 VDC and a current of 200 mA.

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