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CiA 402

Integrated three-phase synchronous drives

The HBI series by Engel Elektroantriebe (Germany) are brushless, three-phase synchronous drives with winding motor systems and integrated electronics for operation at selective 24VDC or 48VDC.

The series is CANopen compatible (Photo: Engel Antriebe)

WITH THEIR SO CALLED “MOTOR ONLY” DESIGN these compact drives are well suited for peripheral applications in single or multi axes systems. The units are operated either by analogue/digital signals or via the CAN interface that supports CANopen as a standard and Devicenet as an option. The CANopen interface provides profile torque mode, profile velocity mode and profile position mode as well with either linear or jerk free velocity ramps. The profile position mode supports absolute and relative demands. Homing is done onto limit switches, mechanical stop or at the current position. The rotor position is evaluated through a linear hall sensor system. The sinusoidal motor current feed leads to smooth and constant torque development. A rotatable angled connector feeds both power supply and signals to the HBI.
Executions supporting CAN and incremental signals are equipped with an additional M12 connector. The drives configuration is done via EIA 232 and the „D-Serv“ PC-Software.