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CiA workshops on different topics

CAN in Automation (CiA) technical groups organize free-of-charge workshops on body applications for fire-fighting vehicles, configurable network components, and security system and device design.

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On occasion of these workshops, the attendees discuss solutions to overcome today’s interoperability challenges in embedded networking, explained CiA. The outcome of these workshops will be stored to CiA profile specifications and maintained by CiA working groups.

On March 29 (10:00 to 13:00, UTC+2), there is the online workshop on body applications for fire-fighting vehicles. This includes especially the planned CANopen profile specification for aerial working platforms and the profile for ladder control. Additionally, requirements on leg stabilization sub-systems will be discussed. The integration of DIN 14700 sub-system connecting fire-fighting equipment is a topic, too. The objective is to identify new profiles to be developed and extend the existing once (CiA 413, DIN 4630, DIN 14700, and DIN 14704). This workshop is organized by the CiA special interest group (SIG) fire-fighting.

Configurable network components is the title of the online workshop on May 10 (12:00 to 15:00, UTC+2). It discusses the requirements to configure by means of a CANopen interface CAN-based bridges and switches. The ports may support Classical CAN, CAN FD, and CAN XL. Such bridge and switch components are in particular suitable for migration from Classical CAN to CAN FD or CAN XL. The legacy CiA 456 profile for configurable network components is limited to Classical CAN and needs to be updated. Bridges and switches are also used in network system architectures, when a single network segment does not provide sufficient bandwidth or the network system needs to be sliced in segments, in order to simplify development and diagnostics. This workshop is prepared by the CiA interest group (IG) profiles, with objective to establish a SIG revising the CiA 456 profile and to develop additional CiA documents.

The online workshop security system and device design evaluates the possibility of key management and the need to specify a related procedure for device suppliers and system integrators of open CAN-based networks. It takes place on May 26 (12:00 to 15:00, UTC+2) and is organized by the IG safety and security. The workshop objective is to identify challenges and solutions with regard to cybersecurity, in CAN-based device and system design. The IG safety and security saves the outcome of the workshop to CiA specifications.

In autumn (September 30), CiA IG profiles plans a workshop on CAN in railway vehicles. In the pipeline are also workshops on battery management, on CAN in laboratory automation, and on CANopen profile for drilling rigs. The SIG truck gateway prepares a workshop on extending the CiA 413 series (CANopen-based interface profile for truck body application gateways) to support functional safety and cybersecurity. According to CiA, the workshops are intended for members, but guests are welcome, as well.


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