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CiA workshop

Call for firefighting experts

CiA invites interested parties to participate in a free-of-charge CiA workshop on June 29 (10:00 am to 12:00 am CEST) with the objective to establish a special interest group (SIG).

Firefighting vehicles are equipped with multiple CAN-based body-builder networks connecting specific devices (Source: Adobe Stock)

CiA calls for experts interested in standardizing CAN-based networks to be used by firefighting vehicles. This includes the J1939-based in-vehicle network gateway (which will be standardized in DIN 14704) as well as additional body-builder networks. One of them is the CANopen-based network connecting firefighting equipment units (FFEU) to the host controller, which will be standardized in DIN 14700. Such FFEUs include e.g. battery charger, frequency inverter, light mast, portable water-pump, traffic warning unit, warning signal unit, water cannon, and winch. There is an off-the-shelf plug-and-play interoperability required.

Another network to be standardized is a CANopen-based network for ladders and other firefighting truck devices. This network might provide optionally functional-safe communication (EN 50325-5, CANopen Safety). End of June, CiA organizes a free-of-charge workshop discussing these standardization activities. It is intended to establish a CiA SIG accompanying the above-mentioned development of DIN standards and to specify additional device interfaces. By the way, the DIN standards will be written in English language.


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