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17th international CAN Conference

In March 2020, CiA organizes the next international CAN Conference (iCC). It will take place in Baden-Baden (Germany).

(Photo: CAN in Automation)

The iCC program committee chaired by Holger Zeltwanger, CiA Managing Director, calls for papers. The first iCC was organized in 1994. Next year, CiA organizes the 17th conference. On March 17 and 18, experts from all over the world will meet in Baden-Baden to exchange knowledge and experiences. Topics will include Classical CAN, CAN FD, and CAN XL lower-layers implementations and applications. Standardized higher-layer protocols are another important topic of this conference.

“The program committee expects several papers on CAN XL, the next CAN protocol generation,” said Holger Zeltwanger. “We hope that CAN FD experiences will be reported in the application-oriented sessions.” As usual several papers will deal with special applications and engineering tools. The iCC 2020 will be accompanied by a tabletop exhibition.

Abstracts can be submitted online. The conference is a unique meeting point for the CAN community. It is the event, where first-hand information is given. All papers are published in the conference proceedings, which are a unique source of CAN-related knowledge.


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