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IAA Commercial Vehicle Show 2018

Real-time insight into driving and other data via CAN

Wabco Holdings announced the launch of its Traxee Fleet Management System (FMS). It is designed to meet the specific needs of operators of small to medium-sized commercial fleets. The onboard unit can connect to the truck’s CAN system.

Wabco announced the launch of its fleet management system (Photo: Wabco)

The FMS application can be operated on desktop computers as well as a broad range of mobile devices. The on-board unit can be installed in every truck with captured data streamed directly to the fleet manager to support real-time operating decisions. Supplied fully equipped with GPS as standard, the system is also capable of pinpointing the precise location of the truck. The onboard unit can also connect to the truck’s digital tachograph and CAN system. This gives the fleet manager real-time insight into driving and resting periods as well as key performance data, including fuel consumption and ECO-reporting. The FMS also enhances fleet agility and customer communication, including the ability to provide delivery status information and a range of automated alerts and notifications.

Wabco will support the product’s launch throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Turkey from early July, 2018. Launched as a scalable and rapid pay-back solution, the FMS enables operators to better coordinate fleet capacity, manage driver activity, and improve administrative efficiency. The system also provides real-time status updates on individual trucks and drivers while helping to address tachograph legal compliance requirements across Europe and Turkey.

“Small and medium-size commercial fleets fulfill a very important role within the logistics and transportation industry and Wabco’s pioneering Trasxee solution is designed to address growing demand from this sector,” said Nick Rens, Wabco President, Aftermarket, Digital Customer Services, Trailer and Off Highway Division. “Further demonstrating Wabco’s differentiating solutions for commercial fleets of all sizes, Traxee offers small and medium-size fleets an affordable gateway to enhance customer service while improving their operating performance.” Wabco will showcase its product at multiple commercial vehicle and fleet trade fairs and expositions throughout 2018, including the IAA Commercial Vehicle Show 2018 in Hanover from September 20 to 27.


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